Short Courses

Whether it is for one day or six weeks, our broad range of short courses will immerse you in every aspect of practical filmmaking from the creative to the technical. Learn essential industry-relevant skills from current film and TV professionals, and gain the knowledge and experience to further your career.



Filmmaking Certificate

From script to screen in 4 weeks. Shoot on professional high end digital cameras such as Arri Alexa, Alexa Mini or Amira.

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Documentary Filmmaking Certificate

Document reality. Discover the power of factual filmmaking in 6 weeks

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BFI Film Academy

For young aspiring filmmakers aged 16-19 years old

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Directing Certificate

Hone your directing skills and shoot a short film on this 4-day intensive course

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Cinematography Certificate

Intensive shooting and lighting for film using the Arri Alexa.

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Introduction to Documentary

Learn the strategies and skills you need to develop your documentary on this 5-day intensive course.

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Producing Certificate

Intensive 5-day overview of practical producing for individuals and production teams

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Screenwriting Certificate

Write a short script in 2 weeks

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Producing: Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling

Learn to use the recognised industry-standard software for budgeting and scheduling in just 4 days

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Producing: Production Management

Learn the key tasks that are essential for a production to run smoothly in just one day

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